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The Now Fm DJ Training Dublin School allows students to become more knowledgeable and experienced in the art of music. The course layout has three tiers that start from basic mixing skills to radio presenting and music production. It will give you the best possible start you can getting your DJ Hiring career off the ground!

The DJ Training course has a maximum of four places per course however we do cater to suit the needs of the individual needs of the learner on what their focus is.

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DJ Training Programme

NOWFM Studio (Dublin) – 6 Weeks

// Week 1

  • Intro to the student’s musical interest
  • Demo on the decks and getting students use to the equipment
  • Downloading-What sites to use. How to download a song

// Week 2

  • Learning how to set up the DJ equipment
  • Mixing Two songs in through Blending
  • Using the pitch and tempo elements
  • Dragging downloads onto USB
  • Learning the timing of when to Mix the track

// Week 3

  • Create a playlist by Students choosing what songs they feel mix into each other
  • Downloading tracks that have same temp and pitch for their playlists
  • Mixing two tracks to put on their playlists

// Week 4

  • Mixing songs to put onto their playlists
  • Downloading and testing out mixes on the Decks from their USB Sticks

// Week 5

  • Practice mixing playlists with the timing of the mixing of the full playlist from start to finish

// Week 6

  • Recording the Students mixes from the playlists that they created
  • Perform Their Dj set that they created

Radio Presenting Training

The objective of the course is to focus on vocal training along with planning a radio show that reaches out to your target audience. The Now FM Studio allows the students to learn how to present a radio show using the equipment and script writing.

Music Production Training

Our music producing course allows students to create their own track(s). This involves using the software and the basic understanding of a song is created through layers, patterns and master production.

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